Am I allowed to deploy Glitch projects by code?


Hello there! I’m making a little ‘service’ thing that needs to connect to a Glitch project to send requests/etc. The project logs into an account. Note: multiple users can’t be logged in at once. So, I need to remix the project but I don’t want the user to know that the project has been remixed/anything. Is there a way to do this? Is this allowed?


There are a couple of options to remix a project documented here:


Thanks for the information! Now my client can do a 1-click deploy for their account!


Just wondering, won’t these project expire after so long? Or not? And is there a way to delete them.


Hey @xXProGamerXx, projects remixed by Anonymous users will be deleted after 5 days, but if the user signs in to Glitch after remixing the project then they’ll be added to the signed-in user’s projects and won’t be deleted.

Projects under Anonymous accounts can be deleted from the “Delete This Project :bomb:” button in the Project Name menu.


I’m talking about if I deploy a project programmatically.


Same rules apply - if your programmatic deploy is done in the context of a logged-in user than the new project will be added to that users project list and won’t be deleted automatically. If it’s done in the context of a not-logged-in user then the rules I noted would apply until that anonymous account logged in. So it depends on how you’re creating the new project.


Thanks for the information!