Am I banned from Glitch?

I’m getting an error like ths when I try to open my projects with URL:
Unknown: Server error An unexpected error has occurred. undefined

And when I go to my page (@barbarbar338 => It says:
We didn't find @barbarbar338

Do not worry! This issue is currently faced by all the users.


oh thx for information :3

what happened this time that glitch is giving a huge fuss?

Probably an outage. I’m sure they’re working on it, but it could be beyond their control.

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had the same thought, scared me to death, I am now a skeleton typing this, glad it’s just an error on there end tho

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yea… i thought i was blacklisted by the admin controller the glitch admins have

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I was deploying a few projects that spiked on deploy and thought maybe that flagged me or something, was really scared about that lol (it leveled out lower after deploy btw)