Am I getting ddos?

My logs are flooded with this

and I’m getting error This project has received too many requests, please try again later. When I veiw it does this mean something is attacking my site?

I’m so confused how can I stop it

Hey @KyleBurnip,

No, it does not mean that someone is attacking your site!

The error ‘This project has received too many requests’ is due to a technical restriction imposed by Glitch on projects. Projects with greater than 4000 requests per hour can return this error. You need to limit the number of requests your project is receiving.

@KyleBurnip could this be your UptimeRobot config (or whatever your using to ping the project to keep it alive?) I think that the formatting of those logs (::ffff: etc) indicates that the request is coming from (which is always the local IP)

I agree with @househaunt its likely to be something internal to your project. An easy way to test for this is to remix to a new project, and see if the new project with no external requests has a similar set of logs.

Can you share your project structure for the community to help with?

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Hey @KyleBurnip that first field in the default log format is intended to be the “remote address” that’s making the request, but I believe something in the Glitch infrastructure means that that data is misleading - I think; external requests show up with the localhost IP address in that field.

I did a little poking around in our logs and it looks like all of the requests that were being rejected were for your home page, they’re from a variety of IP addresses, and they appear to have stopped yesterday morning at some point. Let us know if you’re still having trouble.