Amplitude_id cookie

Does anyone know why this cookies is being added to my site?
amplitude_id_<random string>
I figured it was related to Glitch because it had Glitch in the name.

No idea… what it could be.

Is that project a team project?

No. It also has Google Analytics cookies but I’m not sure if that’s from Glitch.

I thought it was an analytics cookie, but now that analytics are gone I’m not sure.

@glitch_support Any idea?

hi! amplitude is a product analytics tool we use at glitch, which explains that cookie!

Can it be removed? I thought Glitch doesn’t add cookies to sites?

if you remove it manually it shouldn’t affect your experience. we use cookies like that to monitor things like our own .com site traffic and trends so we can focus on the experiences we know users find important!

This was on my site hosted with Glitch though. And it is also adding some other tags such as ajs cookies and Google Analytics cookies.

I’ll see if I can get a clearer explanation from the team that handles this! In the meantime, if you find that the cookies are causing problems with your app, don’t hesitate to email the project name to

Glitch-added cookies should just be on pages like the editor, right? Not on the pages …


It is a custom domain, if that changes anything.

The main issue with the cookies is I don’t want to need to make a privacy policy because the site is using Google Analytics.

I found out what was causing this and how to fix this. Apparently if you use the Glitch CDN, all cookies from get added to your project.
Thanks anyways.