An all new Glitch editor

We’re excited to bring you an all new editing experience today. We’ve followed your lead, honoring some of the most common requests for fixes and enhancements to make your everyday experience of Glitch easier and faster!

With an overhaul of this scale, there are bound to be a few quirks, so please keep us posted. We’d also love to hear how this changes your common workflows. Any faster or easier for how you work? Sound off on that too.

Here are some highlights:

  • :white_check_mark: Inline error reporting: Glitch has your back when things go awry—we’ll show you errors right on the line that causes them, so you can get things back on track without bouncing between your code and the console.

  • :goggles: 3D Asset support: Working with 3D assets? We’ve got you covered there, too, with full 3D previews right in our asset manager. We’re thrilled that Glitch is one of the most popular ways for creating the metaverse, and we want to make that easier than ever.

  • :sparkles: Improved Prettier formatting: We’ve made our support for Prettier cleaner and more automatic than ever. And as always, you can fully customize your Prettier config to match your particular preferences.

  • :package: Better, faster assets overall: Assets in new projects are now cached by Fastly — automatically. We’ll provide a means of migrating existing projects to Fastly shortly. Uploading assets is zippier than ever!

Check out our blog post for all the details!

Thanks for being the best part of Glitch

We couldn’t have made this release without all your thoughtful input and suggestions. Let us know how it works for you, and thanks so much for all the magic you bring to the web.

So: what do you think?


Looks cool, but I liked the PREVIEW button more when it was in the top left and had a dropdown symbol. My favorite subtle change is the color preview for CSS files.


It’s a nice update, but I liked it better when you could update the project description, name, and icon all in the editor. It was way more convenient. I also agree with @DerDer56, it was a lot faster with the preview button at the top left. Other than that, it’s fine. It’ll take some getting used to.


great job with the redesign! - some feedback: using any of the items included in the tools dropdown and then clicking the back arrow will result in me being able to see the old menu with items. Certainly this is not intended behavior because all of this is already available in the tools dropdown.


is a duplicate of


Also, I am not able to see the people online on the workstation…
And not having the project name is starting to give me a headache when switching tabs…


Also, I liked the formatting confetti. Can we bring that back? :blush:


I honestly didn’t like the look, as I liked the darker theme from before and some things were redone, which was good, but honestly I say that on the visual side of the editor I didn’t need to update.

I’m sorry if I said something wrong, as I’m using google translator to be able to speak


I did not like the update since now I can not find where to change the name of my project


Thanks for the report! We’ll check into it!

Also, I am not able to see the people online on the workstation…

Can you say more about this? You should see folks in the upper right corner.

Can you see them when they’re not online, like before?
I shared a project with my alt account and it’s not there :thinking:

The text is a bit bigger than before. I’m going to use the editor at 90% which is fine but perhaps that size should be the default.

Some of the changes are bad: can’t close the page that is opened next to the code (if it’s somehow possible, tell me)’s harder to change project name now
3.the list with all files next to the code has white background so file names are unreadable (I’m using dark theme if it matters)
4.I don’t know how to open the page in a new window (when editing project) now


Hey I think you got caught in an in-between state when it rolled out. Try a refresh, and if that doesn’t clear it up look for the settings menu and toggle the light/dark theme setting. (It’s a one-time fix!)

Here’s what it should look like, and sorry about that.

(Oh and at the top of the preview pane, all the way to the right, click the three dots to see a menu with the option to close the preview entirely.)

Although I do like that some stuff has been moved around, it would have been nicer to preserve the positions of all the settings, as I’m used to the old layout of the previous code editor.
Can a feature be added to return to the old editor when needed?

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Just for anyone who’s stuck on a weird layout, clearing your cookies and logging back in also works in fixing the editor.

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Tiny feedback item: the menu on the Files item in the project explorer on the left, prompts to add a license file if you’ve not added one already… but, it expects the file to be called, so if you have a file called LICENSE (no extension), the option still appears (I did not check what happens for LICENSE.txt); also, it only adds MIT, rather than providing other options.

I also had the strange palette issue with the dark theme, but toggling between light/dark in settings soon fixed that.

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Suggestion: In-line color picker is nice, but it thinks that anything with a # and numbers after it is a hex code. I use Glitch to code my Discord bot and the channel formatting (e.g. <#756924086659055817> = #general) is triggering the color picker to pop up before it. Could this be fixed?


The 3D assets feature got me wondering, did the problem with uploading 3D models to the cdn (blocked) have anything with this feature :laughing:.
But great job with the ui update overall though I still some of the old ui and dark theme lacks a bit of contrast but I feel like this issues can be easily fixed.
I’m curious, does rewriting the editor to use Vite also help for developement because from what I’ve seen vite’s refresh on code change seems to be faster than webpack’s watch.

The hover state for Settings, Assets, and Files in dark mode is too light and it’s hard to read the text. (I’ve cleared my cache, etc.)

From a stylistic perspective I’m not always a fan of hard lines - the design reminds me of '90s iframes (lol) but it also looks more “grown up” in a way too.

I’ll echo some of the other posts in that I liked how one could easily make changes and preview from the top left corner . But I know the contenteditable was problematic sometimes when I typed too fast.


Update: Yes, it’s possible. Click the 3 dots and then select “Close preview”

PLEASE go back to the state before, the glitch doesn’t need an update, it was perfect as it is, now there are bugs everywhere, look what happens when I try to create a new file:

the editor is shrunk and stops working, then I have to close the tab and open another one to get back to normal