An all new Glitch editor

Great job, Glitch Teams.

Unfortunately, It does not seems to be good for Mobile user

I can edit a file even though there’s a unresponsive design for mobile

However, a old typing bug is still not fixed yet, again for mobile users. But so far, i can type a little of a code

Anyways, The editor is so far being good for desktop.


Hi! If you hit the Share button at the top right you should be able to invite people to your project.

Thanks for reporting this Archive button issue, it is indeed a bug we will look into! :sweat_smile:

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I did but it just says edit-pending and when they get on the project they can’t edit.

can confirm this happens quite often

Hi Glitch,
Thanks for the new editor. I am having a problem with svg type asset files. After adding an svg asset to a project, when one clicks on the svg asset with the magnifying glass the first time it is possible to see the pop-up with the asset link and the delete button, but all subsequent clicks on the svg asset only flashes that page briefly before immediately popping to an image of the svg. Therefore I can neither copy the url, delete or rename the asset.
This problem does not occur with geojson assets. And I only noticed this problem with the new editor, but it may have been a situation before as well.
Please see if you can resolve this.
Thanks, Tim

Hi there, I’m having trouble reproducing this, would you have an SVG file you could share that you’re having the issue with?

Quality feedback

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This update is great, thanks Glitch. It’s a little difficult to get used to though; hence all the people complaining about small things in this thread lol

My only issue is that the bar above the editor containing the file name and auto-formatter could be thinner. Otherwise, good stuff.

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Yea, this actually triggered me a bit, they did the same thing as where they made it look like you had tabs when you didn’t. Hopefully we actually do get tabs

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one thing I’m missing is that we used to be able to let unregistered users edit. they’d click an “ask to join” button and you’d get a popup where you can grant access. the new way is all done through search, and there’s no way to search for guest accounts

it was really nice that I could send a link to someone and get help from them without asking them to sign up for a glitch account first


When changing the project name on the project page, it doesn’t tell you if a name is already in use. It will just redirect to whatever name you typed in. Could this feature be added? Also, back when you could change the name in the editor, it would change the url so you would still be editing the correct project, which was a lot better.


+1 on this. We use glitch for making quick edits, but also for external advice and interviews. Removal of approving guest accounts to edit is a blocker.


Playing with new setup and like a handful of comments above, renaming a project suddently became quite tricky with bugs… It was so nice before to click ‘new static-html page’, arrive with a project, then instantly rename it to the subdomain of choice in the upper left (while having insta-feedback if the name was available). Now one has to add 3 clicks, visiting 2 separate pages to change the name. Unfortuantely there’s no feedback to let us know if it’s taken… and when clicking Save it tries loading a url that lands on a 404 page… requiring one to go back to dashboard and click on the new changed name. It would be awesome to integrate the name-change right there when viewing the project. Perhaps it was causing weird overhead by changing the project name constantly on keyup – so maybe a ‘save’ icon could sit next to the name, which becomes activated once receiving a :white_check_mark: that the name is available?


I do not like this new theme, I wish that it could just have an option to go back to the old theme that I am used to rather than having to get used to a new editor.

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Other than dark theme needing work, I love the update!

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Not sure if I’m the only one, but my sidebar is incredibly thin to the point where I barely can acces my code by moving the side ways scroll bar. I assume this is a bug and if not please tell me how to change it.

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I’m sorry, but this is terrible. It looks ok, but feels half-baked. Hovering over items in the sidebar makes them get highlighted but clicking doesn’t do anything unless your mouse is over the text, there’s too much padding everywhere, and the settings menu is… not great. Having it in the sidebar doesn’t make sense, the footer or header would be a better place. Sometimes the settings dialog gets cut off the bottom of the screen and i have to zoom to like 80% to be able to click everything. Clicking “New Project” or “Switch Project” leaves you with no way to get back to settings other than clicking outside the dialog and reopening it.


You can change the domain in the asset link to any of:

and they will all work.


why does it look like this on a square monitor or does everyone have this problem?

im using firefox