An all new Glitch editor

to host it on your own page, you can go to the console and type:

wget -O newfile.path

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Wow, constructors can be colors!

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Maybe we need a rollback and restore the old editor…
By the way, We may split both editor, old and new. The new ones may need to be put on Nightly.

So two things:

  1. I can’t for the life of me find the preview button in the new editor.
  2. With the dark them its now impossible to read file names in the new editor.

Maybe having a button to switch back to the old one would be a good idea.

but its a pain to do this individually for each seperate file

+1 to making it easier (and more obvious) to rename. I also thought this functionality had been removed.


The auto-refresh in the new tab does not work, the new editor is unnecessarily complicated, a revert back to the old editor would be great. The new features are awesome but the new UX is bad killed the whole ease of having an online editor which was easy to use.

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The new color picker feature can definitely be useful in many cases. However, it currently seems to be quite bugged in seeing things that should not be colors as colors. For example, a # followed by random numbers or even letters (kind of understandable because it looks like a hex code, but perhaps it should not be seen as one when it is longer than 8 characters or includes letters after F).

Even a class constructor is a color for some reason?

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Also color words like “red” and “black”, which is super annoying.

I’d definitely appreciate this using the most restrictive possible regex – like /\#[0-9A-F]{6}\b/ – to minimize the magic.

Hi there, we know about this bug and are looking into it!

Hi @enauman @ThijsH04 @herbst @KeshiaRose

I’m sorry that the sidebar is too skinny and you could not resize it when working in Chrome.

Our team is aware and working on a fix. I’ll post an update here once it is resolved.

In the meantime, some folks have been able to solve this by working in a different supported browser or by using an incognito window. (although we have had reports from others that incognito does not help - but it’s worth a shot if you haven’t tried that yet).


Yea, this issue can be annoying when you’re doing something not color related with hashtags, say building a social media related app.
Funnily a while ago someone built an app showcasing words you can make out of hex

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This new update sucks, it’s extremely buggy and I can’t believe it got shipped to production with all these bugs. Please let people have an option to pick the new or the old theme.

Hi there - there won’t be an option to go back to the “old theme” but if you tell us the bugs you’re encountering, we’re actively working through some and I can add them to the list if they are new to us!


Noticing a bug with the bar at the top that contains the “PRETTIER” button. I’ve noticed that if I scroll down to the bottom of file A and make a change and then flip to file B for a moment and then come back to file A this bar disappears completely. I then have to refresh a couple times to get it to come back.

Nothing happens when clicking the “Remix this Project” button under settings - even when I click the text directly.

This pesky Problem still occurs for me with the sidebar:
It seems to be taking up as little space as possible and shorting filenames when its not needed to.

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Colors in dark mode are just ugly, big buttons above the file list are ugly too

Still no folder upload, juste make it beautiful as it is on replit

Features are good but what it needs the most is UX:
Replit, Codesandbox and Gitpod all have a prettier editor, some of them has better language support like svelte files

Hi @Shiba_Inu - if you’re still seeing this issue after clearing your cache for, can you email with what browser you’re using so we can investigate?