An automatic Slack group invite page


Project URL:!/slack-invite

I’m porting an open source Slack community sign up page I made a while ago. It’s still a bit work-in-progress, but would love to start getting feedback, mainly from folks who run their own Slack groups (I’m trying to make the page super easy to update/customize).

Thanks everyone in advance!


Oh, right, quick question. Is it possible to add SVGs to the assets folder?


Yep! Having problems adding them?


Hmm, I tried again on a different project without any problems. Before, dragging an SVG just didn’t seem to do anything.

I’ll take a note if it happens again.Thanks!


hey stefan,

there is currently a known bug with (some) svgs and safari that’s on the list to work out. What browser are you using?


I was using Chrome, but can’t recall with certainty whether I was on Ubuntu or Windows 10.