An Eris Discord Bot Example on Glitch


Eris is a very lightweight library for Discord API to use with bots. In my opinion, Eris is very much better than Discord.js. If you needed support, the link to get it is:

If you don’t know how to setup this up at all, you can press the Remix button and make it off of that.

This project will updated frequently and if you need any support with this project, ask here ;^).


In my opinion, Eris is very much better than Discord.js

can you elaborate on this a little?

eris i hear is more lightweight and they both have same discord API coverage. But why do you prefer Eris?


Response from a friend:

It also has less helper functions than discord.js, but that shouldn’t be a problem for experienced coders.


Looking at the example, I’d like to suggest a few changes to it. :smile:

First off would be replacing that lonely var with const. Using var is a bad habit while you should only be using let and const. This is due to the fact that var pollutes global namespace, causes issues with shadowing, can easily cause memory leaks where you wouldn’t expect, is slower, and a bunch more things.

Secondly, I suggest using async msg instead of just msg as it’s cleaner, makes error handling along with debugging much easier, and so much more.

I also think that the example could contain a bit more like a ping and/or an echo command. There is so much you could show with your example.


Eris is very best that my bot is in 900+ servers and runs on glitch created in eris if inplace of eris I used discord.js it must have been died

Just looking at the d.js repo:

What NPM says:

Discord.jsdiscord js - npm

Eris eris - npm


Eris was a very stable and fast framework. The only sad part is that getting help with it was hard. Most of the time when I googled stuff for eris I got stuff for discord.js. I just wish that the documentation was more helpful. I’d like it if there was a large “cookbook” section also.


Someone provide the github url


thank you! begins work on parity addon for discord.js-parody


There’s a framework called pysimplegui, that allows you to write code once and it will be compatible with various GUI toolkits and even the web. If we could make a framework that can use both eris and discord.js then everyone could work without the worries of choosing the right framework.

Did you removed the example?

That’s why I like botkit because it has cross platform plugins. So you can turn your Discord bot into a Twitter or other bot if you want. There is a botkit-discord connector though that uses discord.js. Someone could make one that uses Eris.

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Eris is best, because my bot is 955+ servers with 140K+ users and it’s hosted on glitch and the common ram usage is 250 aprx.

The example is no longer available.

My own version:

What you don’t understand is that Discord.js is basic and a library most users have heard of, it’s the go-to library for those new to programming a Discord bot, whereas compared to Eris, there are not many tutorials on it and not many people have heard of it.


Hey, I wouldn’t necropost! :frowning:

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You have a point. I’m sure Eris would be a lot more popular if it was documented more.