An even emptier starter app

My idea is to add more website templates.
For example, my very blank website:

It’s the default for a static site.
But it has a nearly blank HTML file.
And an empty JS and CSS file.
Also, no assets.

I bet this already exists, and I’m just not noticing it.

Well, thanks for listening!
Have a wonderful day!


oo nice prefix


I think that already exists when using - kinda

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Very interesting…
Maybe I should incorporate other starter apps into my Autocompletions extension…

Y’all make extensions? I wish my stupid ass knew how to inject extension scripts onto Glitch without userscripts

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Userscripts make your life wayy easier, I recommend using them

I requested a static site of my own once, got static-start as the first item of the glitch’s remix chain, meaning this the most emptiest (and probably first) static templates. I don’t know about Node for now tho

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