An Update From Glitch Support About Recent Incidents

mass process deployer + rube goldberg machine

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@ihack2712, a warning: never use @Jonyk56’s package (except for html-db), don’t even test them.

wait, use glitch-host and discord.js-parody!

i spent weeks learning to make them usabe


Hahah! Yeah… No, you’re right!

I usually create my own packages anyway if I need something that isn’t already made by a popular developer.


That’s exactly why we probably shouldn’t use them. If you had to learn how to make them usable it also probably means that they’re not very memory efficient, or generally efficient, probably not that secure either. I’m not saying this to be a d*ck, I’m saying this because I know for a fact that the majority of Glitch users isn’t exactly professionals. And most people would want to use software made developers that has a large user-base, because you know that people contribute to packages and you sorta can trust that someone has made it more efficient and stuff like that.


Anyway, we’re going off-topic, let’s stop the discussion now :slight_smile:


last comment on this topic:

well, perhaps they would want to experiment- make datasets or use their benefits to make high quality software

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Installing some librarys takes up a lot of space cough cough composer

yeah, thats the experiement part- people want to try composer and they can’t do that… but with a student pack they can try

Libraries was out of the discussion, counting up project size you don’t also count the libraries that are used. When counting the size of your project you add the sizes of configuration files and source code.

im just saying, maybe schools should be on a seperate plan so educational coding is a bit easier without having to worry about things.

While it is too late to change this, I feel that the Glitch free tier is a bit too generous. On all my work on website I only hit the limit once and when that happened I ran git gc and saved about 30mb. Glitch also needs more tiers.

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I do not agree. I think the free tier and the paid tier are good where they are.

What About Discord Bots and API’s?

You still want them to be as small and efficient as possible, while still having all the functionality you want

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