An update to sharing external sites on Glitch

It’s been two weeks since we released our preview beta of adding external sites to Glitch for pro users! We have enjoyed seeing what y’all have been adding and appreciate the bugs and feedback. We have two updates for you:

We’ve added site verification. You can read more about how this works in the help doc, but, in short, when you “Fetch project info” we look for a link rel=”me” tag whose value is your Glitch profile url. If a site you added before today did not have that tag back when you added it, it’s no longer showing in your preview profile, but it will live on in our hearts (and on your dashboard).

If you’re a Glitch pro user and are having trouble accessing this feature: check that you do not have any browser extensions blocking Optimizely (which we are using to run this beta as a feature flag).

Let us know if you have any feedback or run into any issues in the comments!


I do indeed have the privacy badger extension, but even disabling it or just unblocking Optimizely, I can still not add an external website. I have also replied to the email :slight_smile: (yes i have glitch pro, yes I have tried on an incognito tab, yes I have tried disabling all extensions, yes I have sent my console logs to support)

Thanks for all of your help on trying to debug this!! We are still trying to figure it out :sweat:

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looks like it’s a redirect

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