Anarchy.js - A community-controlled Javascript object (BETA)

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anarchy.js is a community-controlled Javascript object, which can be added to and used by anyone. It is, basically, anarchy. This is currently in beta so any feedback is welcome.


ooh it has a bookmarklet

I can see why you named it “Anarchy.js”

yeah, it fits the title really well lol

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then someone manages to put a js file hidden and destroy the earth

that’d be weird so you’d check it all down, right?


html, body {
scroll-direction: smooth;

To make it smooth scroll back to top.

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Ok, thanks!

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i guess…

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;-; well, ok then, I’ma contribute

thanks for contributing!

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Oof, I’ma look at the source code.

a full list of the methods can be seen at:
each method can be viewed as such:
the amount of times each method is used is at:

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i’m yet to include the views part to the page


Oh lord, this looks spammy.

  • RickRoool
  • rickroll
  • unsecure
  • dots

But then again, this is anarchy.


i did everything except for the unsecure and dots text to test the anarchy.js lol (from what you said)

don’t look at the site’s text for all the methods or else

yep, that’s the point!

i don’t really know what i epected when i came up with this

Maybe you should reset some of those so you don’t get your project suspended.

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good idea. im adding extra security measures

Like what? Oh, can I help you with your project?

idk, got any ideas? i saw some people bypassing the length and character restrictions, so that must be fixed server-side