Anarchy.js - A community-controlled Javascript object (BETA)

anarchy.js is paused as we add a bad-word filter
and an xss filter

Woah, never knew such a CSS property existed!

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i’m not sure it does. i tried it, and it didn’t do the code highlighting. better stick to:

  top: 0,
  behavior: "smooth"

And I thought this was possible only with jQuery. :neutral_face:

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yea, you can actually do it with vanilla js!

but this is getting off topic…

Ya the api for window.scroll has the smooth and even though there is no syntax highlighting its still there

@khalby786 you should read your coding docs a bit clearer so you could see this but smooth scrolling has been around for years so…

there’s a lot of css properties you didn’t knew that exist

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Can I have a link to the documentation for that CSS property, please? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I very well know that I don’t know all the CSS properties, not even more than half. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, we’ve added like 3 different filters.

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and we’re working on an ip ban for suspicious users

I think there should also be a “Rules” section.

okay. i can do that.

Ok, so the entire database was wiped, so If you made a contribution, it was wiped.

Yes, we did this for security reasons so that unsafe or inappropriate contributions before the filters were deleted.

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I’ve added a rank for the most used filters at the bottom of the home page.

@code-alt we already use it

lol i was supposed to post like a few hours ago

theres something that automatically closes the tab, but mine is supposed to spam hello forever

Can you take a screenshot?

Can’t bc it literally closes the tab. nothing else. Hopefully it doesn’t do something else.

how about one that replaces every image with a picture of a cat/dog
or turns every iframe into a never gonna give you up embed

i feel like this is just gonna turn into a prank hub

and im ok with it

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