Anarchy.js - A community-controlled Javascript object (BETA)

i can’t believe this already has almost 50 replies

Yes, we have already done that.

This is starting to get off-topic.


Ya lemme just delete the post and it will all be good!

could i help maybe?

I like it. Except the fact that it uses txts. Use JSONs as it is easier to find data. Or a DB as all the data is stored on the app itself. Also, to solve your profanity problem, I recommend using a que like system.

thanks for the suggestion! the txt already has a lot of data stored, so it’s a little too late to switch methods. and we’ve already added a profanity filter.

Not really, there are some tools you can use where you paste data and it formats it into JSON.

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Also, what is this used for?

It’s a list of all of the methods.

Not that much data tho.

that’s true

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