And now, The Toard is back again

Remember Toard - A text only Bulletin Board ?

After a while, I’ve fix some stuff.
Never thought that my old project is still a live till today lolz

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It’s interesting how you’ve managed to create a bulletin board that looks somewhat old-school with the monospaceish but also manage to make it mobile friendly and usable at the same time :slight_smile:


New website design these days are good, but also heavy on device and just a waste of a time, is also the reason why i create a project that looks like oldschool.

The fact is that, I still coding on mobile till these days. And i glad that it’s mobile friendly :slight_smile:

Well, some small CSS to make it beautiful won’t make it slower… :relieved:

  • Inter font
  • More padding, less borders
  • Less underlines, more buttons
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Fork & Pull is welcome :slight_smile:

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