"...and now you can just reference [assets] by a short name"

In the “An all new Glitch editor” topic, this was listed as one of the new features added in the update:

:package: Better, faster assets overall: Assets in new projects are now cached by Fastly — automatically. We’ll provide a means of migrating existing projects to Fastly shortly. Uploading assets is zippier than ever, and now you can just reference them by a short name, instead of tracking down a full URL.

Because replies in that topic rarely attract any replies, I am asking in this post specifically about the quote, “you can just reference them by a short name”.
How do I do this?


Hey there - I just did a double check on this and it turns out that was something in the works that didn’t make it to this release. I’m sorry for the confusion, but there are no short names for assets at the moment. I’ve updated the original post to prevent future confusion!


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