Animation Incredibly Choppy

Hi, I noticed on my computer that when I show my project, the animation is incredibly choppy, AND I can’t move around the project with the WASD keys or the arrow keys. It’s still extremely choppy on my phone, as well. It’s fine on one of the computers in the class lab. Is there anyway to fix this?

My project is


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It seems to work fine for me, I think it’s a hardware problem that the pc’s and phones you are using are not powerful enough to handle the animation. I have 16GB RAM and i7 quad core. So I’m pretty set. You can however lower the amount of moving objects to reduce CPU and RAM usage. Which should result in improving performance.

Seems completely fine for me on my phone with 1gb ram.

Were you using the same browser both times? Maybe you should benchmark the javascript performance on both machines and check if that is the cause or not