Another Bug Report + Needing Help

Hello guys so last time I was here an individual called wh0 told me that your page goes idle after 30 minutes but after afking for 30+ minutes to shower eat and talk on discord and telegram on my phone it was still not idle after an hour or so please note this is only when you are focused on the tab it seems when ever I clicked off and started playing Minecraft then this wasn’t an issue. Also, I’m having a bit of troubles because I’m not sure how to extract css for those who are wondering what I mean I essentially mean that my project template came with a bunch of css and I cant really edit any of them because I don’t know how. For those who are confused and will just say to copy and paste it then edit it are miss understanding what I mean I’m asking for peoples methods and ways of doing this. Also, I visited one of those proxy sites today and I honestly had a insane amount of fun on it. Sad to see that those type of unblocked game sites are probs banned.

Chat Log: Hello guys so last time I was here an individual called wh0 told me that your pa -

In case of false flagging and or possibly due to Automod. And a specific keyword I said being banned.

oh that was me

not sure if you mean something different by “your page,” but I was talking about the glitch editor regarding that 30 minute thing. i.e. it’ll show that “reconnecting” banner but not actually reconnect until you come back and wiggle the mouse or something

are you able to navigate to the css files? you can maybe follow a tutorial on css basics

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