Another watch.json question

I just wrote/installed a discord bot (to play with). It works fine as a bot. I found info re: the watch.json file and checked the watch-json project but there seems to be some documentation missing. I created a small file what sets a throttle and it probably works but what does the “install” section do. I see a sample with “^\.env$” in it but I have no idea what that will do.

The watch.json file probably should be promoted (somehow) as it can be a little disconcerting to make some edits and have the project try to rebuild every few seconds while working on it.

huh, the official docs must not be as helpful. there’s this one – glitchnomicon that thoroughly describes “install”:

which files will cause Glitch to terminate the server, run the install command, and run start again

with additional info above:

Both include and exclude are an Array of regular expression patterns that match file paths in the project’s code.

which explains the ^ and $ and \. in the ^\.env$ entry you mentioned

Thanks. That seemed more complete.