Anti-Bot (Anti-Spam) System to prevent most of downtime

Glitch is experiencing so much down time, all because of those spammers using client sided codes and bots to create hundreds of projects in matter of seconds. In order to reduce this, Glitch should add CAPCHA verification method before creating project or remixing one, and everywhere else were client sided code could spam. This should be #1 priority for next update. This should also include rate limits for creating projects per minute, hours and a day.

You have my vote, 100000%!


clever, also, any projects over 6 months of age, with no activity should be auto-wiped

Bit too extreme, maybe archived instead of deleted?


I disagree with that…

The forum would be filled with angry people waking up to see their hard work gone.


if you haven’t worked on a project in 6 months, it is most likely you don’t need it

AWS has something called Glacier, maybe older projects could be moved to that.


and moved back to main servers when needed


@glitch_support come out folks, we have a good idea!


Many people, including me keep their projects for memories. I have projects that I created years ago, and I still have them, because they are cool to see after many years.


i have sent an email, consider this vote from all of us :smiley: !


Maybe rate limits like this:
No more than 5 projects per minute.
No more than 10 projects per hour.
No more than 15 projects per day.



due to the recent outages, there are a great deal of people who fear for the future of glitch… me included

My ideas include:

  • temporary CAPCHA on project creation, as some use bots to spam new projects

  • limited public access to the glitch API, bots use the API to make new projects

  • immediate junk project deletion/suspension of high-ping projects

  • a bot filter

  • project archiving, projects not edited in a certain time will be archived (i recommend taking a look at AWS glacier)

I really hope things improve for us all, because as a community member- we are getting tired…

thank you

17lwinn (@ProTechCEO)


I would not be surprised if anti-project spam is already in place. The reasons for this downtime is more likely to be server outages from running so many projects at once, because glitch is known as the #1 free Discord bot host. Glitch is running on cloudflare, which should already block these project creation requests.

Not necessarily… Cloudflare would not protect against many projects being made.

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Cloudflare doesn’t protect or limit any specific features that are on your website. It’s your responsibility, not their. They protect your overall website, not it’s features.


Spam requests to the project creation API would be considered a DDOS attack, and I would not be surprised if protection against spam projects was already in place. When the projects go “offline” they are actually being archived and not processed by the servers until loaded.

Cloudflare really only prevents DDoS attacks, and a 100 projects made per day would not get close to triggering the anti DDoS features.


I agree, though I’m sure they have something in place to protect against the spam.

Cloudflare is counting requests not actual size of each project that takes out memory and storage of Glitch’s servers.