Any body know of a project like this

Hey! I was looking a project similar to, because this project no longer works when remixed. Any ideas?

A similar alternative to this would be to upload images to Glitch Assets and then use the .glitch-assets file to read the assets drawer images and host them. I found 2 different projects that achieve this, both using the same method although the first one is meant for Express:


If isn’t working, then @chroventer needs to know about it.


Pretty sure I have remixed that project before, what error are you getting?

I just tried, ima try again, Im interested in these kind of things :laughing:

I do have another one that works but I know this one works too

now it does’t even let be open the file :expressionless: , before it just had some sort of json error of some sort (dont take my word for the json error, it just looked like it)

I got it

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This is the error I got. It only happens when you remix.

hmm, i have defo got this or another remix of this to work but i need to figure it out

i have managed to get it working by changing it to upload to /assets instead

Are you sure? From what I can see, it is working perfectly fine.

Sample image:

Remix the project ( and make sure that DB_FOLDER has a value in the .env file.