Any good glitch website templates? Please send!

Hello, I’m kinda new to glitch, if anyone has a good glitch template I can remix please be sure to send it, I can’t seem to find any templates thanks!

Node.js Webserver

No server, no node.js, just HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Node.js Webserver with a sqlite database

Apache2, PHP, and mySQL on Glitch!

(shameless plug, its a joke) Halfmoon template

Thanks for the templates epicc

You can also use the search bar in Glitch to search for other projects, which you can remix and do cool stuff!


too dumb to see where that is thanks too


This page is very nice looking with lots of templates

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heck yes this is a lot of stuff

I have never been to that one page in sooo long

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ooo can I have a link?

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