Any ideas what causes this?

Do if it’s glitch help or coding help, but this (see screenshot) happens to my bot which makes it go offline until I start it manually again. Any ideas why this happens and how to solve it? It’s new and didn’t happen before (also didn’t change code)image

I just started experiencing this now and I must say, it is really bad. 13 dependencies keep installing forever.

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Ye I think glitch is bad… but it cantttt beeeee cause their website never lies… cough cough

There’s a huge increase in the API response time right now.


I think Glitch sort of needs to update that :smile:

Oh really glitch? We haven’t notched -_- you are kinda late to the party glitch

For anyone seeing this, I figured out they blocked uptimerobot. I would suggest the one I’m using rn (cause it’s way better anyway) but I don’t shan’t them to block it to, just search one for yourself the one I’m using is yummy (that’s a hint)