Any thoughts on Glitch API Documentation?

I’ve been asked a lot of times that where are the API docs for Glitch API.
Well, here they are any thoughts or how I can improve them? Feel free to open a issues on GitHub.

Project URL:


Solid effort on this. One point of feedback is that I don’t see anything about how to authenticate requests. That would be handy.

Also, the github link is 404ing.

Perhaps this was released after you did this work?

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hi! chiming in here to note that these api docs are unofficial and not from us at glitch.

we plan to have a publicly documented api in the future but right now things are changing so much that it’s not something we are ready to support officially!

welcome, @wisely! we don’t have a public api for authenticating requests at the moment. as for that api-docs app, that api is for a product we used to build called manuscript (now fogbugz and maintained by another company).