Any tips on how to make my Disk fill up slower?

My disk space is getting filled up quite fast lately.
Whenever I do du -sh in the console, it only says something like 100MB ..

Is there something I can do to make it fill up slower?


Hi @Vojtech_Jilovec, I’m guessing from what I see in your project right now that you deleted your project’s git repo in the /app/.git directory, probably because you saw that it was what was growing. That’s a fine temporary fix, but if you don’t fix the root cause the problem will just resurface.

Your repo is filling up because some file in your project is changing all the time, and each time it changes, Glitch saves a checkpoint in the git repo. You’ll need to find out which file(s) are changing continually and add them to a gitignore file. That will stop your git repo from growing continually.

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