Any update on the paid features?

Hello, I’ve been using glitch for like a year now and I still love it.
I was wondering if there was any update on the paid features?

I would love to pay in order to increase lets say, the RAM Cap (which is currently at 512MB)

Yes please also do you have a blog or so to follow or social media maybe? I wanna know when it will be implemented finally.

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Hey y’all paid plans are still in our future … plans, but we don’t have an update on what they’ll entail or when they might be available right now; sorry for the bother!

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It’s just that I’ve seen a dev saying that they should come outafter 2 weeks, and his message was sent on March. Thanks

Hey @Min can you tell me where you saw that?

My bad I didn’t pay attention, it was march last year actually

in the next few(2-3) months we plan to solidify/announce our first premium features

Thanks so much, @Min, I’ve updated that answer with more current and accurate information!

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