Any way to fix socket hang up problem?


This doesn’t make project live instead it makes the project running but without live icon​:joy::joy:


I have it loading but all my bots runinning still :laughing: (ignore the main man. I didn’t make him)


That doesn’t gonna help i know that is mee6(main) my problem is socket hang up and that thing you’re talking about is pinging bot every 5 minutes is not make your glitch app live making your discord app online doesn’t make your app liveScreenshot_2018-06-06-09-27-08 This is the live thing , i am talking about so don’t give your ideas. I am already using uptimerobot to ping my bot every 5 minutes . Read my question properly before talking about anything!
Your bot is still on loading so they will be damn slow!


The code above will host a http server on port 3000 (outpus at 80 on {project}, it pings the http server every 5 minutes.


To get the live icon, your project needs to respond successfully (200 OK) to an HTTP request on port 3000.


Then how about



Using setInterval() to keep a bot awake isn’t recommended as it will not be restarted if we have to stop projects. Using an external service like uptimerobot to request an end-point would be a more reliable solution.


Ah, right. Cool :+1:


This doesn’t even fix my issue idk why i am always getting error socket hang up please fix this glitch @Tim


I suggest adding catch blocks around that error so you have some more info to work on as to what is causing the socket to hang up.


This is happening during start of project i am already using catch but that doesn’t help and i don’t know why this is happening. Maybe this is due to request limit or something?


What error do you get in the catch? Request limits return a 429 error response.


This returns error from


What’s the error text from discord?


That’s a long error and it gone because i can’t see old log :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


` _pendingData: null,

    _pendingEncoding: '',

    server: undefined,

    _server: null,

    ssl: null,

    _requestCert: true,

    _rejectUnauthorized: true,

    parser: null,

    _httpMessage: [Circular],

    read: [Function],

    _consuming: true,

    write: [Function: writeAfterFIN],

    _idleNext: null,

    _idlePrev: null,

    _idleTimeout: -1,

    [Symbol(asyncId)]: 27,

    [Symbol(bytesRead)]: 0 },


  TLSSocket {

    _tlsOptions: [Object],

    _secureEstablished: false,

    _securePending: false,

    _newSessionPending: false,

    _controlReleased: true,

    _SNICallback: null,

    servername: null,

    npnProtocol: null,

    alpnProtocol: null,

    authorized: false,

    authorizationError: null,

    encrypted: true,

    _events: [Object],

    _eventsCount: 9,

    connecting: false,

    _hadError: true,

    _handle: null,

    _parent: null,

    _host: '',

    _readableState: [Object],

    readable: false,

    domain: null,

    _maxListeners: undefined,

    _writableState: [Object],

    writable: false,

    allowHalfOpen: false,

    _bytesDispatched: 279,

    _sockname: null,

    _pendingData: null,

    _pendingEncoding: '',

    server: undefined,

    _server: null,

    ssl: null,

    _requestCert: true,

    _rejectUnauthorized: true,

    parser: null,

    _httpMessage: [Circular],

    read: [Function],

    _consuming: true,

    write: [Function: writeAfterFIN],

    _idleNext: null,

    _idlePrev: null,

    _idleTimeout: -1,

    [Symbol(asyncId)]: 27,

    [Symbol(bytesRead)]: 0 },

 _header: 'GET /api/v7/gateway HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nAuthorization: MzU4Nzg1MDIzMjg2OTY4MzIz.Db-Gsg.gyIt2ajHXLKqHDxlJz1LvqRjmS4\r\nUser-Agent: DiscordBot (, 12.0.0-dev) Node.js/v8.9.4\r\nAccept-Encoding: gzip, deflate\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n',

 _onPendingData: [Function: noopPendingOutput],


  Agent {

    domain: null,

    _events: [Object],

    _eventsCount: 1,

    _maxListeners: undefined,

    defaultPort: 443,

    protocol: 'https:',

    options: [Object],

    requests: {},

    sockets: [Object],

    freeSockets: {},

    keepAliveMsecs: 1000,

    keepAlive: true,

    maxSockets: Infinity,

    maxFreeSockets: 256,

    maxCachedSessions: 100,

    _sessionCache: [Object] },

 socketPath: undefined,

 timeout: undefined,

 method: 'GET',

 path: '/api/v7/gateway',

 _ended: false,

 res: null,

 aborted: undefined,

 timeoutCb: null,

 upgradeOrConnect: false,

 parser: null,

 maxHeadersCount: null,


  { host: [Array],

    authorization: [Array],

    'user-agent': [Array],

    'accept-encoding': [Array] } } }

:apple::waxing_crescent_moon: Your app is listening on port 3000

[2018-06-10 16:07:58] Loading a total of 160 commands.

[2018-06-10 16:07:59] Loading a total of 12 modules.

[2018-06-10 16:07:59] Loading a total of 12 events.



Here is the error @Gareth


It looks like you missed the start of the error, the JSON is incomplete.


@ArunKapil01Is it a Discord Bot? Ifso, I can help…

And to get a project that also lives forever without a code, use

First of all, because of the massive error I suggest you privatly message me your package.json file so I can see if it is in there.

But because it’s nothing important you also may post it in here if you would like, your choice!



I am already using that and socket hang up error is still here