Any way to get one app with infinite uptime?

Look, I know I can upgrade my account to get the ability to boost my apps. However, I’m annoyed because it gives me so many features that I don’t need with it, making it cost money. I don’t need private projects. Or an access panel. Heck, I don’t need 5 boosted apps! I only want one! And it’s not like I want boosted cpu or anything like that either! I literally just want my app to not go to sleep. That’s it. Nothing more. So I’d prefer not to pay $96 a year for that. Is there ANY way to get that kind of uptime? Or at least could someone direct me to a good node js hosting provider? Heroku hasn’t worked, infinityfree costs money, and I’m stuck. Thank you.

From everything I’ve read about Glitch’s various restrictions, there’s a mythical sweet spot of project popularity that would achieve 24/7 uptime. You would need to have users–real people, not automated clients–visiting the project’s website frequently enough that it never has five minutes of inactivity. Meanwhile, it must not exceed 4,000 requests per hour. And all this must be balanced throughout the day and night. You’d need the project to be equally popular all around the world.

It sounds pretty difficult, maybe even harder than migrating to a different host or paying for the darned premium plan.

yeah u could get that free with a certain amount of people running through even if you have a package but just never add a package and get ads for your website or somethin

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