Any way to remix multiple projects?

Is there any way to remix multiple projects into one single project? Sometimes different projects have different features that one would like to combine. I know that there are often existing projects which will provide multiple features together but you can’t really expect to have projects covering all combinations of features in the general case.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome @markf. Do you have any examples of apps you’d like to combine? I can show you how to combine them. I think automating it would be difficult because everyone writes node.js a little differently and the code might not work together.

One very simple case, for example, is that I would like to create a React-hooks based app used React Router and that used Babel on the client-side so that I can get the latest JavaScript features. In this case I would like to combine something like react-hooks-todo, starter-react-router and hello-babel. Of course, you are right that a simple merge of all three projects would probably fail, but if there were something more granular than a project that could be remixed, like modules or libraries, there might be a way to to it. Just a thought.


For sure, that’s often a problem I run into myself. I find an app that’s perfect except it’s missing that one thing. I’ve tried to collect different setups in various guides I maintain like

Ideally you could just install in package.json and things would work but it’s often setting up the config files that is difficult. For example I tried to run a React components library that was built with Webpack originally and switch out Webpack for Parcel. I could not get the config right no matter how hard I tried.

If you have any specific requests you could add them to the feature-requests forum. We’re regularly building out examples and could build it so you and others could remix easily.

Thanks @mmcewen!