Anyone else having issues | Glitch Down?

Hey there, my app has been running quite slowly, and can see that logs on the console are appearing quite slowly too. Anyone else facing this issue? Wondering if there’s an outage or the server is down? It’s been painfully slow!

Hi @Ankita_Mehta - we haven’t gotten any other reports of slowness and I’m not having issues on my end either. Is this happening with a specific project and are you still experiencing the slowness right now?

I’m experiencing this and hard. It might be my internet but I doubt it.

  • Cannot log into Github to push to a Github project
  • Cannot pull from Git URL
  • Cannot download project
  • Terminal closes off after ~10 seconds
  • Project is constantly reloading

This is happening on Glitch :・゚✧, I wiped out .git to see if it was storage (It’s not).

Hey there, I just wanted to check to see if this got resolved for you?

Maybe try (In the short time the terminal is open) to type refresh?


  • Terminal is fine and I’m no longer dealing with the annoying reloads- but the “Connect to Github” button returns a DB error and I am not happy since I have to MANUALLY PUSH TO GITHUB NOW.

Hi @jenn, thanks for getting back. It seems to be working fine now. I did try and include the OpenAI library, which slowed everything down. The minute I removed it, it seemed to be working fine.

I had a question on the logs - is it possible to collect the logs when I’m offline? I would like to logs to continue even when I’m not physically online on Glitch. I have boosted the app and do have a Pro account.

Hi @Ankita_Mehta, I’m glad things are working at the basic level now! A really big library is likely to exceed the limits we have to put in place to keep our platform available for everyone, sorry that you ran into that.

As long as your running app writes to STDOUT (using console.log, for example, on a Node app) it should collect those logs in the Logs pane that you can open from the editor’s bottom menu bar even if you don’t have the editor open. That pane isn’t fully persistent, though, so you may want to take a look at this help article that shows how you can persist your logs to a file in the project. Just note that the more you log, the faster that’s also going to eat into your project’s disk space (400MB since you’ve boosted the project).

Hope that helps!