Anyone else having problems staying logged in?

Every time I switch views (such as between a project and the community projects listing) I seem to have to re-login to GitHub. Anyone else having the same issue? Suggestions for fixing it? (I’m using Google Chrome on a MacBook.)

Hi Luhmann,

Thanks for the report! We use the browser’s localStorage to maintain your login state. Can you check to make sure that your browser session has access to write to localStorage?

How do I check that?

PS: When I clicked on the email notification about your reply I was sent to a screen on which I wasn’t logged in. When I tried to click the login link on that page I got this error:

Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?

I could only reply to your message by opening the support forum in a new window at the root level (I was logged in there).