API Endpoint for Thanks

There used to be an endpoint for getting the amount of thanks for a user by id/username; does that still exist? I’ve only found https://api.glitch.com/v1/users/by/login?login=PiggyPlex using a network logger, however I’m trying to see if it’s possible for me to get the thanks in v1.

Isn’t it there in the response to the call you referenced in the question? That seems to be how you get the number of thanks in v1. Could you clarify if that’s not what you want?

https://api.glitch.com/users/(user id)

I looked at the JSON data and it says the account expires in 100 years. Thats odd.

Thanks; that’s working for me for now. Not sure if it’ll be removed soon as it should’ve been replaced by the v1 API (https://api.glitch.com/v1/users/by/id) but it looks good for now. Thanks again.

Well i doubt the user will use glitch in 100 years

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i doubt that glitch will exist in 100 years lol