APP does not start

Hi - I have writen some lines of nodejs code here

As far as I understand, my clients have to come to my APP by those URLs : or */dreams

Unfortunatelly, when I open a browser to any of those URLs, the browser stays … “Starting”

My log has a last line indicating the listener did start :

Your app is listening on port 9877

What am I missing ?

Yes, I am new to glitch, but not to nodejs

Can you look for the line of code that says something like listen(port)? You should set that to 3000.

I have set PORT to 9877 in “.env”
Is it mandatory to have port = 3000 ?
const listener = app.listen(process.env.PORT, () => {
console.log("Your app is listening on port " + listener.address().port);

On Glitch I believe that you need to set the port to 3000.

let me try
I change the value in “.env” but the message in “log” with new PORT does not come up
How do I do to re-start the APP ?
I have watch.json installed …

yes, port = 3000 works OK
can you provide any pointer, url or documentation where it says that value is mandatory ?
Thanks, anyway, thanks a lot

I did a but of digging and i couldn’t find anywhere that an admin explicitly said that port 3000 was the only working port, I just know its the only working port from conversations I’ve viewed while on the forum. However, I found this article on the help center that says 3000 is the default port.

Thanks a lot - you know the very firsts projects are the most difficult … !