App is out of space!

I have a nested node modules folder that is 153M (gets installed by enpeem).

I have main node modules folder that is 25M on top of that:

Glitch :・゚✧

app@fancy-trouser:~/kennel/node_modules 18:36 
$ du -sh /app/node_modules
25M     /app/node_modules
app@fancy-trouser:~/kennel/node_modules 18:41 
$ du -sh /app/kennel/node_modules
153M    /app/kennel/node_modules

This not including the app code.

I need more space!

Getting around this limitation for now by symlinking /app/kennel/node_modules to /tmp/node_modules.

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Projects have a limit of 128MB of space on the container (though as you’ve seen, things written to ‘/tmp’ don’t count towards that). If possible, you want to see if you can remove any dependencies, move static assets to the separate assets storage (which has a further 512MB) and clear out any old git objects from .git

My app has no large static assets. It’s all code and NPM dependencies that’s taking up space. Think I would be fine with just a bit more space, another 25M would probably be enough with some headroom.

Actually I see the limit is supposed to be 128M. I’m thinking I need 200M.

Specifically in node_modules.