App status stuck on thinking face emoji

Hello! I’m working off of someone else’s working open-source project on GitHub (a Slackbot for playing Spotify music in Slack huddles). After recreating the slackbot-relevant files here on Glitch and adding all required modules to package.json, I’m no longer getting any errors but the little emoji face associated with my app status is stuck thinking and will not smile. Does this mean the app is hanging / not compiling?

Because all the code is copied straight from a working source, it seems likely that the issue might be with my environmental variables. But I also see error handling in the code that makes me think that if it were timing out while attempting to connect to Spotify I’d be getting errors, and there are none.

What exactly does the thinking face emoji on the app status bar mean, and how might I go about troubleshooting in this situation? Thank you for your help!

to my knowledge, that one means that glitch has started the “install” / “start” script(s) for the project, but nothing has yet begun to listen for incoming web requests.

I’d check the Logs panel to confirm. If it’s stuck with a message like “waiting for open port 3000” or something–I don’t remember how the real message is worded–then maybe the code will need some adaptation to work with Glitch

Hi @wh0 , thanks for replying! Part of what’s giving me difficulty troubleshooting is that there’s nothing in the logs to indicate what’s going on. The log shows normal startup info like node and npm versions and total install time, but nothing after that.

can you run top in the terminal and check if is running?

@wh0 , thanks for letting me know where to look – I do see running. What kind of adaptation might be needed for the code to work with Glitch?

there’s an environment variable PORT that has a number—usually 3000—and Glitch wants your app to listen on that port.

see if you can find out how the current code sets up a server. maybe it’s listening on a different port? there might also be a command line flag or something to have it listen on a port of your choice.

I maybe should have asked this too, does a slack bot even work by receiving webhook requests?