App stuck on "Loading Project"

My application is stuck on “loading project” is there anyway to fix this?

Hey @ChaosArising,

You can email for more help regarding this problem, the Glitch Staff will help you in solving this issue.

Hope this helps!

Yea, that was going to be a alternative, I saw another thread where a glitch engineer resolved the situation through this platform so I thought I’d give it a try before I email someone.

@ChaosArising, Glitch Staff used to resolve such issues in this platform itself until recently, but right now, you need to email them and they’re much less active right now in this forum.

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@ChaosArising, can you see if the following steps will work:

  1. Access your project’s terminal at Replace PROJECTNAMEHERE with the name of the project.

  2. Type in refresh and press Enter.

I tried that, it doesn’t respond to the command.

Do you have any errors in the logs?

I can’t see them, so I don’t know

Ohhh, its the editor? Ok, you should contact like @khalby786 said.

Yes, I can’t even access my project, I guess I’ll contact them then, thanks.

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