App was banned for mining

Glitch thinks my app is mining cryptocurrency but it is not, It got banned after I tried to use puppeteer in it. Please help me restore the code or un-ban the app.

Thanks in advance
Havish Netla

MOD EDIT: remove invite token

Yeah, the system is banning projects with puppeteer. The staff have to fix some problems before allow puppeteer again

Hi @havish10, welcome to the Glitch forum and sorry for the bother!

We’ve been working to address some misbehavior on Glitch that’s caused some instability; we talk about this briefly in Some processes currently restricted . The most commonly-used process that we’re blocking right now is puppeteer, so I’m fairly sure that’s what your project is running afoul of. I’ve removed puppeteer from your project’s dependencies and unsuspended it so you can get back in.

We’re continuing to watch the situation closely and don’t have a timeline for when we might unblock that or any other currently-blocked processes, or indeed if we will unblock them at all; we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have further questions.