Application not being updated?

My application,!/movingbeacons, seems to be in a state in which updates to the main server file, server.js aren’t being seen. Is there a way to really reset / restart an application completely?

For example, a GET request to will not be matched, resulting in “Cannot GET /test.” although the GET method is being implemented. (Just like the POST, but that isn’t working as well.)

The application works though, as HTTP GET to is responding normally… but with a older version of the application. For example: there’s no console.log message as specified in the code currently.

Hi Jochem,

your project is private, we can’t look into your source code. Would you mind making it public, or share a join link with me as a private message?


Thanks for sharing, but remove it now or anyone can use it to become a member!

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OK, Emanuele responded very quickly with some workarounds / solutions:

First remark:

when you create an endpoint, remember to always use response.end() when your response is over.

Second tip:

in this specific case, there was a problem on our side: for some reason the "restarter"
got in a stuck state. If it happens again, you can open the terminal from the advanced
options menu and type “refresh”.

Final observation:

There is for sure some very edge-case condition in which the watcher gets stuck,
we see it once every month or two, but we didn’t find the root cause yet. “refresh” is a solution for now :slight_smile: