Applying our domain name with FLY.IO... or anything else?


I’ve had some hiccups working with to apply a simple GoDaddy domain to my Girls Who Code club’s Glitch project and the Fly.Io support line hasn’t been getting back to me this week… and tomorrow is their launch… :sweat:

Is there anyone else I could quickly use? I’ve been trying so hard with them because I got the impression that was the only service that could do the job via the FAQ

If not, he’s just some screenshots of the current situation.


I’d check the url you’ve given In the action field in the screenshot it lists ‘’, which isn’t a valid url. If they’re adding for you, enter the project name.


Right, I checked that too. Still getting a “HTTP ERROR 502” on their preview site.


Omit the https too, so it’s just


that did it, thanks! :ok_hand::+1: