April is the month we jam about #coolbugs 🪲

Happy April! I know it’s the 1st but this is a ~~ fools free zone ~~ and so I say this with my full mind, heart, and admin forum access: this month’s prompt is cool bugs!

Did you know that the world’s first computer bug, reported in 1947, was an actual moth causing hardware issues for an engineering team that included pioneer computer scientist Grace Hopper? What an incredible moment in history! Whether it’s broken code with a cool output, or fan art about the critters that invade our homes, hearts or fears, this month we’re celebrating cool bugs.

Head to glitch.com/jams right now to learn more about what jams are and how to submit your projects. Also, huge bravos to everyone who made screensavers last month, I know it’s been a turbulent one as we’ve had some incidents through container work, but I appreciate everyone for participating in any way!

We can’t wait to see and share what creative projects you come up with! :strawberry:


uncool bug here, the gmail spam filter dislikes talking about bugs…

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was about to say the same, emails from hello@glitch.com ended up in spam!

Thanks for letting me know, I tried this time sending from hello@ instead of support to prevent people marking support@ as spam and losing ticket replies so I will look into this further!

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