Are lagging/freezing websites allowed?

hi, so i have a question about websites. i have made a website (here) and it kind of lags your computer. if you have a really bad one it could end up freezing it. i made it to troll some friends and i plan to make it for everyone (totally not visible right now). I’m just not sure if it is allowed on glitch. is it against the TOS?

thanks! (i don’t recommend you use the website right now since it is still under development)

We see apps that are created to intentionally mess with a user’s computer resources as exploitative and thus they are a violation of our Terms of Service. We appreciate you asking!


would it be allowed if i put a disclaimer or something that tells the person what will happen?

If the user is able to give explicit consent, knowing full well what’s about to happen before it happens, that takes it out of the exploitation category. I don’t see that working with your intent to troll people!

something is better than nothing. i could just host this for people to try it.