Are node.js the best starting place for making a simple web app?

Hi all,

I’m new here.

My coding background is some Objective-C for iPhone back in the pre-Swift era and some basic JavaScript if i really have to.

I would like to make a web app into which I can upload a txt file, extra some information, and redownload as a text file with that information arranged differently, and I was interested to try Glitch on for size.

Is node.js the best approach to accomplish this?

If so, is working through something like this tutorial the best way to get my head around what’s required?

Thanks for any help offered, apologies if the question is overly basic and/or posted in the wrong spot.


Hi @nullla – I think node.js would be a fine candidate for this kind of project – it’s accessible and well-documented. When you say “best approach”, are you looking for something specific (i.e., similarity to your previous languages, specific functionality?)