Are non-nodejs webpages subject to the same rate limits as nodejs ones?

Hello (:

Out of curiosity, I just ran a test to see if the “plain old HTML” projects (i.e. no node.js) are subject to the same 4000 requests-per-hour limit that node.js apps are, and it doesn’t seem like they are. I got to about 8000 requests in an hour and didn’t get any 429 error codes.

Is this expected behaviour? I imagine it’s much less expensive on the back end because you’re just serving static HTML. If this is the case, it might be handy if you could update the “Restrictions” section in the FAQ to let people know :smile:


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@Gareth, pinging you just in case you missed this (:

Hello Joe,

I’m pretty sure that this is some sort of firewall rule bound to the port and not project-to-project and/or to the Node.js process.

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It’s applied to all projects, but we do allow for some wiggle room as you’ve seen.


Ah, okay, good to know! Thanks to both of you :+1:

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