Are pinging services still blocked on Glitch Member projects?

I’ve got a Twitter bot project that had an endpoint being pinged every hour by Uptime Robot, which is no longer running. If I upgrade to become a Glitch member, will the pinging services still be blocked?

I realise I’d be able rewrite the server to deal with it rather than relying on being pinged, but I’d rather just be able to upgrade now and deal with that at the weekend.

Thanks :v:

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You don’t need those pinging services if you’re upgraded to Boosted Apps for Personal Apps.

I think you’re misunderstanding my question, it’s not that I’m trying to wake my app, it’s that I have an endpoint that makes my bot tweet or not.

I want the pinging service to ping that endpoint specifically, not just to keep it awake.

Like I say, I can rewrite it so I don’t need to but I’d like for it to “just work” in the meantime

I’ve just upgraded and the answer seems to be that they are still blocked, even on boosted apps

Sorry about this! I have seen a lot of messages on the forum about how people cannot run IFTTT projects. I suppose you could contact about this, you might be able to bring more attention to the issue there.

A similar problem can be seen here:

For Twitter bots, you could try this project:!/creative-bots

I’ve upgraded to a premium subscription and updated my code now, but my bot was based on a 2+ year old version of that very project

Either way, the answer is “pinging services are still blocked on boosted apps” and the best solution seems to be paying for premium and just handling it in your server

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If a system is pinging an already alive service, don’t see the strain. Your paying for 24/7 hosting.