Are templates not available yet?

I tried to use a template but get error “Unexpected Start Tag.” Is this functionality not yet available?

Maybe my problem is that I am assuming that HyperDev uses Meteor but am I wrong in this? Is this really just a node.js and express env?

I have thoroughly confused myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Remixing a project works - it sounds like you got unlucky remixing a project that doesn’t. If you provide the project name then I can look into the specific issue. But Meteor doesn’t work in HyperDev yet - the filesystem isn’t writeable (except at /tmp) at run time so it can’t setup properly. This will be resolved with some changes we’re making. But otherwise, HyperDev provides a Node.js environment and whilst the welcome project uses Express, you can use pretty much any package you find on npm.


Thanks that is what I suspected.

just checking in 2017 - would love to be notified if meteor starts being available on gomix.

We now support a writable filesystem, but it seems that the sheer size of the Meteor installation makes it unusable in Gomix at this time.

2019 here. heheh, ok