"Are you still using this project?"

So a few minutes ago, i was trying to edit something on my website, and this message appeared:

In order to keep Glitch free for as many people as possible, we disable apps that appear to have been abandoned.
You can download a copy of the project code by clicking the button below.
If you would like this project to be restarted, please email us at support@glitch.com and be sure to include the name of the project.

But the last time i updated my project was like a week ago. So, i reloaded the page, and the message was gone!


Something in beta?? Idk.
Seems like it could be.


Hmmm, what about apps that are fully in production and require no further coding?

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I think its a new function, and still on beta…?


This sounds like something that Glitch staff is rolling out. If this gets rolled out in production, will boosted members have projects suspended?


Sounds a lot like youtube’s “Are you still watching” dialog, which many people have written extensions to autoclick.

Ok so i tried going to some older projects made from 2019 and older (not made by me) and it seems like they all have the same message. I don’t think this is a beta function, it was probably there for quite some time.

Hi there! Can you let me know the name of the project you encountered this with so I can have the engineering team look into it?

For folks wondering what this is: this is not a beta, it’s an alert that we’ve had for awhile. It goes out very rarely in the case that a user has so many projects that consumes all of their project hours in a short period of time, that it follows a pattern of abuse on the platform rather than appropriate use of Glitch. If users get this and notice it, they can email us and we reinstate their projects.

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Actually, the message was gone, but…
The project name is LankyBox01.glitch.me if you need it.

This is weird because i only have 1 project.

Intresting, I better archive openradio and other projects before it triggers that alert


This really should only be triggered if you’re not editing projects and hitting your project hour limits for the month very early on. It’s an abuse prevention tactic, not a punishment for being prolific (otherwise I’d be in bigger trouble than y’all!). This alert being visible to OP is a bug, though, which we’ll look into.


Yeah this is for sure a bug, I’ll have the team check it out!

I have also spotted another glitch.
If you go to https://glitch.com/edit/#!/github and then go to another project’s editor, the message will show up.

Yes, nice catch - the modal UI persists even when the project name changes. I’ll create a ticket for this one too!