private server error


Every single time I try to make and play an arras private server, regardless of it being modified or not, this happens (below):

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘index’ of undefined
at set.UPGRADES_TIER_3.forEach (/app/server.js:1830:74)
at Array.forEach ()
at Entity.define (/app/server.js:1829:33)
at sockets.connect.spawn (/app/server.js:3313:30)
at [as spawn] (/app/server.js:3994:49)
at incoming (/app/server.js:2896:24)
at WebSocket.socket.on.message [as internalOnMessage] (/app/server.js:3990:49)
at onServerMessage (/rbd/pnpm-volume/d2f978b2-4be2-486a-a154-b2c5917c1a9a/node_modules/

Is there any fix for this?


Variable index was never defined in the forEach loop