private server error

Every single time I try to make and play an arras private server, regardless of it being modified or not, this happens (below):

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘index’ of undefined
at set.UPGRADES_TIER_3.forEach (/app/server.js:1830:74)
at Array.forEach ()
at Entity.define (/app/server.js:1829:33)
at sockets.connect.spawn (/app/server.js:3313:30)
at [as spawn] (/app/server.js:3994:49)
at incoming (/app/server.js:2896:24)
at WebSocket.socket.on.message [as internalOnMessage] (/app/server.js:3990:49)
at onServerMessage (/rbd/pnpm-volume/d2f978b2-4be2-486a-a154-b2c5917c1a9a/node_modules/

Is there any fix for this?

Variable index was never defined in the forEach loop

Hello, I don’t know exactly what has gone on, however, I should be able to help you fix this. :slight_smile:
First, please note that Surge is NOT able to host your server, as it is a site for static web publishing, meaning that if you don’t see the Static Site tag, see below, you are not going to be able to successfully deploy to surge

However, if you still wish to deploy your server in another site than Glitch, I would personally recommend Heroku.

I personally don’t recommend Heroku. You lose live editing and the file manager.

True, however, Heroku has significantly more resources than Glitch and can be used to get the most out of your server. Also, the way I have set my server up is with Github, therefore I make my changes in Glitch, export to Git, and Heroku automatically deploys it from my repository.

That’s true as well. HOWEVER, another issue is data saving is impossible because Heroku has an ephemeral filesystem. (Why not just use Oracle Cloud anyway?)

What is Oracle Cloud? is it another coding site like or glitch?
And if so, how can I use it?

Oracle Cloud is a service that does require a valid card, but gives 24gb of ram and 200gb of storage (also 4 ARM CPU cores). You can install anything to it, including a code editor, making it a nice alternative to glitch if you need something for larger testing.
(Basically, a free VPS with decent specs.)

Ah, I see, but is it required to be installed on a computer? because of this, I prefer sites like glitch or where I can do all my editing, deployments, and managing in my browser. and what exactly do you mean by a valid card?

  1. This is a VPS, not a program.
  2. By valid card I mean a credit/debit card that has at least $1 on it for verification.

okay, thanks very much, I will be sure to check it out!