Ask to save project name instead of auto-saving while typing

When Ever i am Editing my Projects Name from a Glitch Generated name to mas soon as i start typing (this only happens when i am Viewing projects Code)
It begins to Update and refresh Maybe There should be a Save button Near where you change the name instead of it Auto-updating because it bugs out so much because it is changing the actually page as i type and that causes me to have to type slowly just to change the Name so i don’t lose part of what i was typing and have to refresh if it bugs out from it auto-refreshing

I am moving this to #feature-ideas!

A temporary workaround would be to type the new project name somewhere else and then copy pasting it to the project name field. I’ve also edited the title of this thread to make it a little more meaningful.

I wish I could upvote this more! This is a big frustration for us, too.

We use a standard naming scheme for some class projects (ex: “class-name-lesson-1-solution”, “class-name-lesson-1-starter”, etc), and changing the suffixes causes multiple reloads wherein we lose our place in the input field. :frowning:

A “save” button could work, or stop revalidating onChange and use onBlur instead. At the very least, debouncing this behavior so it only reloads, say, 1 or 2 seconds after the last character was typed would make a big difference. :crossed_fingers:


That Would Work!