Asking feedback for my portfolio


On a late career change (I’m 37 yo) I am studying web development since last November and I believe I am ready to be hired for a junior role.

I would like some feedback on how my gomix-made portfolio looks for a potential employer.



hey deltasoneca,

I love when people make website resumes that actually show off what they can do. (here’s mine from years ago)

I really like that you’re leading with the projects you’ve done. One idea would be to include a simple screenshot of each one upfront too. It’s always easier to understand a list of projects when you can get a feel for them at a glance.

The other recommendation I have is that because you can be more screenshot/example based, you can get away with writing a lot less. (Showing > telling)

Best of luck with the job search!

Hey deltasoneca,

You’ve made awesome progress since November, and you’ve got some neat projects under your belt so far. (I’m planning to start on a Facebook Messenger bot as well!)

Could you add top and bottom padding to your .description and .tech divs within each project card? I think it would be nice so that your text isn’t right against the edge of those divs.

Good luck with your job search!

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Hey, @jen and @pketh, thanks a lot for the tips!

I just edited it following your advice (more screenshots, fewer words, more padding). I have not the best of the eyes for design, but I like the way it is now :slight_smile: